Precinct C Warehouse
The Landing


Completed 2021

Emerging from the verdant landscape of ‘The Landing’ business park, Hellmann’s new office and warehouse facility makes a bold architectural statement. Twin mono-pitched roof planes soar out from the backdrop of a 213m long, 75m free span warehouse, brought back to ground by finely cast triangulated precast pylon walls.

These feathered pylons act as outstretched wings to draw visitors into the office with impressive cathedral ceilings to the entry lobby, lunchroom and open plan office spaces.

The architecture is a series of gestures invoking the theme of flight, appropriate to the operations of a logistics company and the Hellmann logo of flying geese.

An earthy colour palette of greys, browns and whites nestles the building within the surrounding landscape. Materials were chosen for their longevity, texture and where possible, minimising environmental impact. The facility has achieved a four Greenstar accreditation.