Long Bay
North Shore


Completed 2020

A 28 unit terraced house development currently under construction with Phase one (10 units) completed in 2018.

Aimed for the mid-range market, JWA designed three different clusters of houses all with their own personality and language, but all fitting within a single, recognisable village.

Different aspects respond to different context’s around the site; Terrace housing along the mews, tall and sculptural buildings where the site meets town centre apartments and duplex’s where the development fronts to single home suburban sites.

All clusters provide ample family living – generally four generous sized bedrooms and practical living spaces with each home.

The decision to break the site in two from the onset was the innovation of the project. A large retaining wall through the site simplified the level changes and allowed for level building platforms.

Collaborative efforts with the developer ensured a product fit for the market. The concept story reflects a distinctly residential feel of individual homes and street elevations.